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  Wolfpack Emu page
UO Assist page
Page about me, Yoko
Neon Genesis Evangelion Site
   My hobby - Anime
yoko.netroof.net/anime.html - anime list i have to this moment
Forum - forum branch for site support
   My site devoted to Neon Genesis Evangelion:
eva.netroof.net - worldwide
nge.freehost.kiev.ua - Ukraine-only mirror

Ultima Online  
   My programming projects:
Yoko Injection - popular Ultima Online (client) assistant utility modification
YLaunch - my variant of Injection Launcher. Can be used to decypher encryption codes in clients.
YoPad - not finished assistant utility based on UO Pilot
Inj2Euo - number format conversion utility between Injection and EasyUO

   My descriptions:
Injection Forum - Yoko Injection users forum, scripts, support, FAQ
Injection Install - Yoko Injection step-by-step installation procedure
Injection Help - Yoko Injection terms and commands list and descriptions
Old Injection Doc - old description for original Injection version
UO Assist - assistant utility description
Wolfpack - installation instructions for Wolfpack Emu

EasyUO - non-intrusive Ultima Online scripting utility
UO Rice - utility to remove protocol encryption from Ultima Online client
YA MUU - utility to remove multilaunch restriction from Ultima Online client
AoP - Age of Power Ultima Online shard, Kiev, Ukraine

Yoko 139629504
About me, Yoko
YChat - simple LAN chat, maked for our home LAN (options may be called by right click on [>>] button, also "speaking oldman" may be disabled there).
"ICQ diet" - instructions for editing ICQ parts to lightweight, speedup and banner removal
Ukraine, Kiev view - from neighbour house :) (click to enlarge) click to enlarge
Alchemy - obsolete alchemy calculator page for AoP shard
Online translation - eng/rus text translation, using form of www.translate.ru
ICQ Pager - using this you may send me message on IQ# 139629504

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