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Forum where you may learn more: http://yoko.netroof.net/forum

See also "Injection installation manual"

Injection it is program - analogue UO Assist - the auxiliary player tool for client side of UO game. Wrong or ill-intentioned use of it may exploit some server bugs, but the good craft macro may only be done with Injection.

Mirror site 1:http://yoko.netroof.net
Mirror site 2: http://yoko.com.ua
Forum: http://yoko.netroof.net/forum
Official site: http://injection.sourceforge.net

AoS (400x) users supposed to read this: http://yoko.netroof.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=44

The most possible cases of launch error (ilpatch error) described here: http://yoko.netroof.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30

Download once: these basefiles (ilauncher) and script.dll, then download injection.dll

Download for updated version: only injection.dll

Injection installation manual

Download latest version of Yoko Injection.dll (zip)

Download script.dll with autoload (zip)

Download a sources 305.01

some files of documentation

Warning: downloaded from this site version will be newest then latest build described here. In this case seek for new version description at forum

Build 310.01

Build 309.05

Build 305.01

Build 303.22

Build 302.14

Build 212.08

Build 212.05

Build 210.26

Build 210.14

Build 210.06

Due to large size of script.dll next changes published only in sources now and can be downloaded here.

Build 209.27

Build 209.23

Build 209.16

There may be some other changes I forgot.

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