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Injection setup

Forum, where you can know more about Injection: http://yoko.netroof.net/forum

AoS players (clients 400+, RunUO) must read that first: http://yoko.netroof.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=73

Commands, main help on Injection: http://yoko.netroof.net/help

Step 1. Do you need Injection at all?

Version of Injection you may download here is a player-side helper tool, developed to scripting and automation some actions like arming, dressing, potion drinking etc. If you think you need some exploits, bugs etc. you need to seek other tools, like pGdE Injection. I myself do not support buggers, and do not spread such programms.

If your requests limited to arming, dressing and simple macroes then you need simle and safe UO Assist. I'm reccomend it also those who lack imagination and abstract thinking.

Step 2. Downloading Injection.

Variant 1: original version without my additions. In this case open file branch of http://injection.sourcefore.net and download NOT signed by Yoko version. Also site contains old documentation.

Variant 2: Yoko Injection. In this case you need following 3 files (for updating only first one):

Description Mirror 1 Mirror 2
Yoko Injection DLL (latest version) http://yoko.netroof.net/Injection.zip http://yoko.com.ua/Injection.zip
Launcher files http://yoko.netroof.net/inj-base.zip http://yoko.com.ua/inj-base.zip
Script module http://yoko.netroof.net/script.zip http://yoko.com.ua/script.zip

Maybe you interrested in documents pack related to Injection:

Description Mirror 1 Mirror 2
Injection-related documents pack http://yoko.netroof.net/YokoDoc.zip http://yoko.com.ua/YokoDoc.zip

Variant 3: you already have some sort of Injection. In this case it is enough to download Yoko Injection DLL.

Warning: if you done some ilpatch.cfg changes, save your file because it will be rewritten from downloaded archive.

Image showing Injection files (top row - obligatory)

Step 3. Setting up for your shard - Launcher.

Before starting setting up, you must know:

  1. UO installation folder
  2. Injection files folder
  3. Server address in form server,port (for example aop.uo.net.ua,2593) - in most cases you find it on shard site or inside file login.cfg in UO folder.

Execute ilauncher.exe

  1. Check up UO path - 1a. If there is error, use 1b to change it.
  2. Check up server address - 2a. If in there is such server in server list 2c choose it, else press 2b.
    After 2b pressing you got server list editor:

1 - server list
2 - changed/new name
3 - changed/new address
4 - changed/new login (not needed)
5 - changed/new password (not needed)
6 - add new server entry with data in fields 2-5
7 - change selected entry in 1 to new data 2-5
8 - remove selected in 1 server

For first time you need:

  1. Enter server name in 2
  2. Enter server,port in 3
  3. Press Add (6)
  4. Press OK

Be aware, if you use HTTP Port to work through proxy-server, then address must be entered and real address in HTTP Port redirection settings. See also about HTTP Port there http://yoko.netroof.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=49

After new data input, 2a contents reset, so choose server again in 2c

  1. Check client file 3a. If in client list 3c exists those you need, choose it, else press 3b.
    If you press 3b you got client list editor:

1 - client list
2 - changed/new client path
2b - button to browse for client file
2c - new/changed client name
3 - add new client entry with data 2a, 2c
4 - change data of selected in 1 client to 2a, 2c
5 - remove selected in 1 client

For first time you need:

  1. Select client file by pressing 2b
  2. Enter name in 2c
  3. Press Add (3)
  4. Press OK

After data input field 3a reset, so chose client ib 3c again.

  1. Check up Ignition.cfg path in 4a. File ilpatch.cfg must be in the same folder. Change path by 4b if needed.
  2. Checkbox 5 allow to remove encryption from client, but not launch Injection (Ignition mode) if set. Default - enabled.
  3. Checkbox 6 allow to left running ilauncher after successful client launch if unset. Default - enabled.
  4. Press Launch button to try to launch client.

here displayed items you check before press Launch

If following error appeared (numbers differ in situation):

then read and use to remove error this topic: http://yoko.netroof.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=74
Remember that you need use Variant 1 to patch file, Variant 2 is only last method you must try.
This error surely appeared if you used YA MUU (for multi UO instances) and/or UO Rice (to remove encryption).

If other errors appeared, check up steps triple, then if it still appears read this: http://yoko.netroof.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=2

Step 4. Setting up for your shard - Injection.

At first look at your client version in bottom of client window.
If version started on 4.0. and other then 4.0.0a, 4.0.0b, 4.0.0c then you can not log in your shard (most possibly RunUO). To log in read very attentively this topic: http://yoko.netroof.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=73

The main thing you need is to set up proper Encryption, elsewhere you can not login.

Encryption signed 1. "None (Ignition)" means no encryption at all (for example RunUO or Wolfpack). In most shards Encryption must be the same as client version you see in UO window. Version faking (2) is NOT Encryption (1).

Example: if you downloaded client 3.0.0 then you must set up Encryption 3.0.0x (x means any letter)

Remember that RunUO, Wolfpack shards, and those where stated to use client without encryption (UO Rice) encryption "None (Ignition)" is used.

If you do not know how to handle options at Main tab, for first time use this picture. Only you need obligatory is to set up Encryption as described above. Yellow color sign important options very reccomended to set as on picture unless you clearly understand what to do.

For client versions 4.0.0a-4.0.0c you must enable IgnoreSocket(400x) options and in Version Faking option (2) input version, that your shard awaiting (for example 4.0.1a)

Sometimes Version Faking needed to use if you use other client, that your shard expects.

After all option setted as needed, press Save button to save changes. This reccomended each time you change something, because Injection trying to save options automatically only on exit, and succeed this not always.

In case you still can not login: